Sports Injury

Acupuncture’s promise to athletes

Acupuncture for Sports Injury in Parkland Florida

By Matthew Enright AP – Parkland, Florida – Athletes are the embodiment of perfection. Their routines involve application and exertion. And while they look flawless on the court, they are subject to injuries. In fact, anyone who participates in sports, whether at an amateur, leisure or professional level is susceptible to all sorts of injuries. There is a wide range of sports injuries out there, but most of them revolve around the musculoskeletal areas of the body.

Sports injury professionals deal with both chronic and acute problems that come about as a result of physical exertion, all the way from sports to martial arts and general outdoor activities. When you exert yourself, there is always a chance that you will suffer from torn joints, ligaments and muscles. Over the years, the sports injury field has evolved in a bid to respond to problems of this kind.

Enter acupuncture

Today, every single professional sports team out there has two or more acupuncturists on permanent hire. This is because as sports science develops, so does the awareness that Western medication can only go so far. Acupuncture is great for athletes looking to reduce healing times as they recover from injuries. This branch of Chinese Medicine reduces pain, brings about comfort and helps athletes to return to the pitch quickly after layoffs.

While most people in professional sports first heard about acupuncture just a few years ago, this practice has been commonplace in areas like martial arts for a very long time. As we get to know more about the human body, acupuncture becomes broader, and specific methods of treatment for specific injuries come to the fore.

The perfect fit

All an athlete wants is to be on the team every single game of every competition. However, they are human, and that is impossible. Acupuncture therefore works toward bridging that gap. It makes sure that there is less bruising, lower pain response, very little in the way of inflammation and that the muscles are in perfect sync with the rest of the body.

When a player is injured, the foremost thought on their mind is to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, and acupuncture gladly steps in to make that happen. Even for athletes that are perfectly okay, acupuncture serves as a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing experience.

Our Parkland Florida acupuncture clinic focuses on a holistic approach to sports injuries. We use acupuncture and other TCM approaches to keep athletes healthy and chugging along, even after horrific injuries. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.