Cancer Support

Acupuncture and Cancer Support in Parkland Florida

How does TCM gel with Western approaches to the treatment of cancer?

By Matthew Enright AP – Parkland, Florida – When you look at how cancer is treated, then you start getting an idea as to how Chinese Medicine can be integrated with Western Medical practices to make sure that the patient finds relief quickly and gets the best possible care. Over the years, patients have trickled into our clinic with a broad range of questions. Some of them come in the middle of treatment with conventional medication, while others come to inquire how TCM can help them cope and even feel better. Still, others want to know if they can use TCM alone in their healing processes.

When some patients come to us, they are delving into uncharted waters. They are unfamiliar with complementary medicine as a niche. It is therefore understandable that they feel overwhelmed by the choices before them and a little intimidated by TCM in its approach to wellness. This, for us, presents an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because they are giving us the privilege of serving them.

A challenge because we have to work towards making sure they know precisely what they are getting in the clearest terms possible. We therefore work to strike a balance between the complementary therapies we provide and the conventional treatments the patients are getting. We also work on our communication with them in a bid to have them understand every single step of the treatment process and how it can help them get ever closer to wellness.

Support for cancer

Cancer occurs when you experience rapid growth and reproduction of cells that then spread throughout your system. These rogue cells do not work in harmony with the rest of the body. Instead, they adopt a modus operandi different from how the rest of the body functions.

Some cancer cells produce a tumor. If this benign tumor is noticed early on and surgically removed, then the patient gets well in a short while. At some other times, tumors grow and run through the body, dividing and spreading. These cells become malignant and quite dangerous. When cancerous tissues get to the bloodstream, they are said to have mestasized. The spread of cancerous tissues throughout your system means that more tumors are given the chance to grow in different parts of your body.

Tumors need food and nutrients just like the rest of the ‘natural’ cells in your body. When they increase, they siphon away all the nutrients that should go to your organs, and this makes it hard for your system to function. Slowly, your health goes down the tunes.

Today, we know very little about why some of the cells in our bodies become cancerous. We however do know that lifestyle choices such as smoking could increase your chances of developing lung cancer. We also know that your choice of diet could set you on course for colorectal cancer.

While there are over 100 cancers out there, we know for sure that skin cancer is the most prevalent in the US. It is then followed by breast, lung, prostate, colon and rectal, bladder, uterine, oral, leukemia, and pancreatic cancers in that order.

Alternative Treatments for Cancer

When dealing with cancer, we target the stimulation of the immune system, pain and vomiting (as a result of chemotherapy).

We strongly discourage patients from abandoning conventional cancer treatments altogether for TCM. This is because we know that both of these approaches have a place in the treatment process. We always encourage patients to keep the communication lines between their doctors and our staff open.

There are multiple studies out there affirming the use of TCM processes such as acupuncture in the treatment of cancer, but we feel that more research and application is required. As more knowledge becomes mainstream, then practitioner and patient confidence goes up.

Nausea and Vomiting

Patients have many problems dealing with all what comes with chemotherapy. However, what they have the most problems dealing with is the vomiting and nausea that comes with it. They lose their cheer and suffer both energy and appetite loss. There are anti-nausea drugs out there, but they are not always effective.

Recorded research indicates that acupuncture has proven effective for nausea caused by chemotherapy, whether used alone or when it comes   as a complement to conventional drugs. Scientists at the National Institute of Health have affirmed this assertion. We at the clinic have also found it to be true.


When you go through acupuncture, the painkilling wells of your body open up. This is why patients feel calm, relaxed and pain-free after the sessions. Doctors have different approaches to pain relief in this case, and it all depends on the type of cancer you are suffering from. One thing you will note is that acupuncture is never deployed in areas of the body that host the tumors. It all works through the stimulation of your Qi pathways, which are taxed with the responsibility of relaxing your muscles and providing pain relief.

Acupuncture Boosts Your Immune System

When getting cancer treatments, you need to take very good care of your immune system. The good news is that acupuncture can help you achieve that. Our experts have realized that once acupuncture therapy is started, the patient T-4 cells, which are part of their internal defense systems, increase. We understand that to keep immunity levels up, the patient needs the right diet choices, and are working towards making sure that our nutrition department understands this need and provides the right guidance as to the correct eating habits of our patients.

We have assembled a formidable team of acupuncturists

Over the years, we have accumulated a team of highly qualified acupuncturists to attend to your needs. We  know that the right treatment depends on the quality of the professional tasked with the job, and towards that end, our professionals do not disappoint. We have year’s worth of experience in the field. In addition to that, we are great communicators who care about the needs of our patients at all times. Reach out to us to learn and experience more at our Parkland Florida acupuncture clinic.