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South Florida Acupuncture Associates now has a new location in Heron Bay, Parkland Florida, to accommodate the residents of Broward and Ft. Lauderdale.

The Acupuncture Physicians, Dr. Matthew Enright and Dr. Andrew Agoado, provide a broad variety of holistic therapy modalities in addition to a exceptional approach to health care, using the very best of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs), with Alternative Medicine (Homeopathy and Nutrition).

If you’re not certain where to turn for therapy or frustrated with the present healthcare system, we’re here to assist. We’ll help you decide the most suitable integrative, holistic therapy plans to satisfy your requirements and your budget.

Each style of treatment within Traditional Chinese Medicine (for example, acupuncture) is only a tool to deal with your health issue both constitutionally (root) and symptomatically (branch).

Acupuncture, within TCM, has been discovered to be an efficient method to deal with many complex problems. Whether you utilize acupuncture alone or with other TCM modalities (such as Chinese herbal medicine)  or as a complement to Western Medicine, our aim here at our Parkland Florida location will be to lead you in your journey to wellness using a clear-cut, outcome driven, common sense approach to your treatment.

Following your initial treatment you may love how easy, yet effective acupuncture may be. But more importantly, you will know the main cause of your illness and the way we will work together to repair it!

This style of holistic healthcare is supported by scientific study, tens of thousands of years of monitoring by Chinese Medicine sages, in addition to countless patient testimonials. We love what we do and we are confident we can help you reach your healthcare goals!