Your First Acupuncture Treatment

Your First Acupuncture Treatment in Parkland, Florida

What makes our method of health and wellness so wonderful is that we make a concerted effort with our patients to find the true root cause of a their illness. We are not treating symptoms. We are looking at all the systems in the body, not in isolation but together as a whole, to determine where an imbalance is occurring.

Traditional Chinese Medicine follows the holistic model of viewing disease, looking at how all parts, all systems work together to make a cohesive, healthy whole person. A breakdown in any one system will affect other systems, creating a cascade of events that lead to disease.

It is our goal as practitioners of Chinese medicine to find that breakdown (by means of diagnostic tools such as tongue diagnosis & pulse diagnosis, for example) and correct it with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and/or other healing modalities. That is how we properly diagnose and treat disease.

This holistic medicine model is derived from years of experience and observation, passed along and taught to modern day acupuncturists by the most brilliant practitioners of Chinese medicine. (Both Dr. Andrew Agoado and Dr. Matthew Enright graduated at the top of their respective classes, and are now instructors themselves!)

So, using tongue and pulse diagnosis, and other tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as a comprehensive inquiry and in depth assessment of a patient’s emotions, pain levels, sleep patterns, appetite, digestion, energy levels, menstrual patterns et al., a skilled acupuncturist can put together a diagnosis, and with that a viable treatment plan.

In sum, a new patient should expect a very unique healthcare experience. You are not a number. This is not a factory. You will be given ample time to communicate to us the exact nature of your problem. Our assessment tools will help us put together a clear clinical picture. Together we will explore the many wonderful facets of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and from the information we gather we will determine the root of the problem and lay out the path to correct it.

In our opinion this is healthcare as it should be. A true partnership between doctor and patient,  with open lines of communication and a true desire to get to the root of a disease.

You deserve this. You deserve optimal health and wellness!

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