Acupuncture for Women’s Wellness

Acupuncture for Women's Wellness in Parkland Florida

By Matthew Enright AP – Parkland, Florida – For several millennia, acupuncture has been effectively used as treatment for numerous health conditions that affect women. This ancient Chinese treatment is especially useful in addressing gynecological problems, issues related to fertility and pregnancy, and problems that arise from menopause.

For years, at our Parkland location, we have used sound nutrition, herbal medicine, and acupuncture to help women find healing on a more profound level. Our treatment is designed to ensure that you attain enduring physical healing while being mindful of your emotional and spiritual requirements.

Two of our leading physicians, Dr. Mathew Enright and Dr. Andrew Agoado, have been with us for more than 18 years, helping women with various issues find healing. The two have extensive training and experience, having studied and worked with very brilliant practitioners in both eastern and western gynecology.

If you are looking for a little different approach to your healthcare, you have come to the right place. We take an holistic, whole systems approach to women’s wellness. We do not just look for and treat symptoms. We find the root cause of illness and then treat it with natural medicine.

What makes acupuncture and Chinese medicine so effective is their ability to work at a profoundly deep level of the body. The treatment regulates the hormones and increases the flow of blood and qi. Moreover, acupuncture decreases inflammation, balances the neurotransmitters of the brain and boosts digestion. Other benefits include detoxification and stress reduction.

At the start of the session, our practitioners take a thorough health history of the patient. Next, they use Chinese diagnostic tools including tongue and pulse diagnosis to get more insight into your problem and create the appropriate treatment plan for you. Afterwards, the practitioner uses extremely thin, sterile and disposable acupuncture needles to administer treatment. These needles are inserted into your body for about 20 minutes.

The process is virtually painless and deeply relaxing. The doctor will often prescribe some Chinese herbs to make the treatment faster and more effective. While different people experience different results based on certain factors such as condition, the effects of treatment are clearly noticeable on most everyone after a few sessions.

Among the conditions that have been successfully treated with acupuncture at our facility are:

  1. Endometriosis
  2. Pregnancy Support
  3. Infertility and IVF Support
  4. Uterine Fibroids and Ovarian Cysts
  5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS
  6. Hormonal Imbalances and PMS
  7. Menopausal Symptoms – Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Irritability, Depression, Mood Swings
  8. Low Back Pain
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  10. Irregular, painful, or absent menstruation
  11. Anxiety and/or panic attacks
  12. Headaches
  13. Insomnia
  14. Allergy
  15. TMJ pain
  16. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive issues
  17. Neck and shoulder tension
  18. Constipation and Diarrhea
  19. Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction
  20. Fibromyalgia

You need not suffer any longer. We are here to help. Through acupuncture and Chinese medicine, numerous patients have in the past found healing at our facility. Our holistic treatments can help you experience optimal health. Call us today to get started. At our Parkland acupuncture clinic, consultations are always free.